Tiny House Movement What is a Tiny House?

Tiny House Movement

What is a Tiny House?

Imagine this… Living RENT FREE, NO Mortgages and super low to zero utility bills. A Tiny House can help you fulfill these dreams.

Imagine living in a tiny house that generates its own electricity and captures its own water. You can build this type of tiny home yourself for a very affordable price.

Now, imagine your life if you were free from debt!

We are living in an era of economic and environmental chaos and a rapidly changing world.  Environmental influences are demanding we re-evaluate our way of living on our planet.

The Tiny House Movement is a perpetually growing phenomenon all across the world and is largely the result of recent economic troubles where many people lost their homes. Tiny Homes are about living simply, in harmony and still provide you with everything you need. It is a way of life offering freedom from debt and offers the financial freedom to live a bigger and better life, instead of having a bigger and better house.

Tiny House Movement

Advantages of a Tiny Home

For many folks, the more important advantages of owning a tiny house other than the economic and financial benefits is the benefit to our environment. Living in a Tiny House has a much smaller environmental footprint, and reduces the overall consumption of resources we as humans use to live.

Tiny homes help us to live a simpler way of life, allowing us to spend time on what is really important and it and helps us create a more sustainable future for our children.

Traditionally, tiny houses measure around 2.4m x 5 meters.  Almost the exact size of a Gypsy Caravan. They have a sleeping area, a living area, a kitchen and bathroom. In many tiny homes, the sleeping area is created by using a mezzanine floor or loft.  Many tiny homes are constructed to fit on a trailer so they can be easily moved.

For these reasons and many, many others, the Tiny House revolutionises home ownership.  The Tiny House gives people the opportunity to own their own home.

It is totally achievable to build your tiny home to be totally self contained and completely off-grid, generating your own power and having your own water supply.

Check out this gallery for inspiration

If you are living in the Azores and are looking to build a Tiny house, please contact us and we will help you to fulfill your dream.  A tiny house is very affordable and we have lots of beautiful log cabins and gypsy caravans to choose from.

Welcome to the Tiny House Movement, welcome to freedom.

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