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Animal Houses Coops Kennels HutchesIf you are in the Azores and are looking for a nice selection of homes for your pets, we have it covered:

Pet Houses

  • Chicken Coops
  • DOG Kennels
  • Small Animal Hutches for your pets

Look no further.

At Breathe Azores we carry a lovely selection of high-quality Pet Houses and Homes.

All are made from tanalised timber with FSC certification.
Most of them have a special KOMO wax coating applied.

285.00 inc. IVA
495.00 inc. IVA

Dog Kennel

LASSIE Dog Kennel

475.00 inc. IVA

Dog Kennel

SNOOPY Dog Kennel

265.00 inc. IVA
595.00 inc. IVA
840.00 inc. IVA
585.00 inc. IVA

Chicken Coops


368.00 inc. IVA
388.00 inc. IVA
366.00 inc. IVA