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Based in the Azores on the island of Santa Maria we are delighted to offer all our Azorean Customers over Two Hundred standard log cabins to choose from in a variety of log thicknesses from 19mm up to 70mm for a multitude of purposes and uses.

Whether it’s a garden office, children’s playhouse or a beautiful summerhouse, we are sure you will find your ideal Log Cabins here.

Log Cabins Garden Office

ARNE Log Cabin 4.5 meters x 3.5 meters

2,230.00 inc. IVA

Camping Pods and Barrels

Azores Oval Office 4.05m x 4.00m

6,680.00 inc. IVA
4,553.65 inc. IVA
5,545.00 inc. IVA
1,995.00 inc. IVA
2,275.00 inc. IVA
3,350.00 inc. IVA
22,900.00 inc. IVA
5,240.00 inc. IVA
4,725.00 inc. IVA
1,685.00 inc. IVA
3,045.00 inc. IVA