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We have an excellent selection of metal sheds to suit most requirements.

Our Metal Sheds are manufactured to the very high standards required by Holland and Germany, thus providing you with more strength, better performance, thicker metal and a longer lasting product.

Metal Sheds include the following as standard:

Unique and exclusive color combination
Unique Sizes
Galvanised Foundation Frame is included
Stainless Steel Screws are used on all of out sheds instead of the usual cheap standard of galvanized fittings
Our Steel is 25% thicker than most normal standard sheds of the same size
Four Layer Paint system
Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel.
Tested to withstand winds of up to 90km/h
Tested for Roof Load of 90kg/m²
10cm higher doors than normal
Additional extra folds in the steel for superior strength when compared to similar sheds
Our metal sheds will service you extremely well. They are incredibly strong, fully tested and compliant to the highest European Standards and are made to a much higher quality than most available on the market today!

Approximate Delivery Time: 15 – 30 Working Days Inc. FREE Delivery*

698.87 inc. IVA
386.46 inc. IVA
395.00 inc. IVA
695.00 inc. IVA
575.00 inc. IVA