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Garden and Park Benches

We have an excellent selection of Hardwood, Teak or Pressure Treated Timber, Garden Benches and Park Benches, ranging from two-seaters up to our seven seaters and our very popular corner garden bench.

All our Garden Benches and Park Benches are made from Teak or Hardwood or Pressure Treated Timber to give years and years of enjoyment.  The hardwood teak garden and park benches all come pre-oiled and the attention to detail and build quality is exceptionally high.  The Dutch and the Germans settle for nothing less!

Our Indonesia manufacturer is quite fanatical about product detail and his finishing quality is second to none.  This manufacturer is exclusive to Tuindeco, producing incredibly high-quality products without exception.

Many of our garden and park benches include cushions in an ecru colour.

What is the difference between Garden and Park Benches?

Actually, there really is no difference at all.  Normally benches used in public parks are made from a high-quality Teak or other Hardwood such as Indonesian Mahogany to ensure longevity. Apart from that, there is no real difference.

TuinDeco is a responsible supplier and is FSC and regulated for it’s Timber.  Please see our Timber Regulations Page for more details:

175.24 inc. IVA
Rated 5.00 out of 5
625.25 inc. IVA
494.87 inc. IVA
359.99 275.00 inc. IVA
389.95 330.00 inc. IVA
315.55 225.50 inc. IVA
1,286.20 990.00 inc. IVA
475.00 inc. IVA
299.75 inc. IVA
661.35 inc. IVA

Garden Benches and Park Benches

Norwich Heavy Duty Teak Park Bench 180 cm

366.24 inc. IVA

Garden Benches and Park Benches

Norwich Heavy Duty Teak Park Bench 210 cm

452.69 inc. IVA