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Garden Furniture

Our Garden Furniture range continues to grow annually and encompasses everything you could need. From a simple garden bench, or maybe a sun lounger for those lovely warm Azorean days.

We have a fantastic range of picnic tables, garden furniture sets, tables, sofa’s, chairs in many different styles, combinations and variations.

560.501,375.00 inc. IVA
106.20 inc. IVA
299.95 inc. IVA
299.95 inc. IVA

Garden Sofas and Patio Sets

Nashville Lounge Set Deluxe Wicker

1,950.00 inc. IVA
1,698.00 inc. IVA
1,298.00 inc. IVA
1,711.00 inc. IVA
995.00 inc. IVA
995.00 inc. IVA