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Log Rolls are Ideal for:

Edging paths
Log Rolls are often used to separate the edges of areas of garden lawns, both practical and decorative, adding a rustic look to garden spaces and what’s more, they are quick and easy to install, requiring just a few basic tools for installation.

What is a Log Roll?

Log Rolls are a manageable length of single timbers that are half-round. The logs are joined at the back and rolled for ease of use and transportation. They are available in several lengths and heights, making them suitable for many garden landscaping applications.

Log Rolls are remarkably useful for creating curved borders or edges that define irregularly shapes in your garden areas. Log rolls are well suited for protecting plants and borders from lawnmowers and trimmers, and can also be used to keep composts on the soil instead of falling on your lawn or paths.

We manufacture our Log Rolls in either pressure-treated pine of in Sustainably Grown Hardwood.

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