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Cleaning Timber Use Carefree Ultimate Wood Cleaner

Cleaning Timber With Carefree Protect – The Ultimate Wood & Concrete Cleaner

This blog’s title is “ Cleaning Timber ”, it could also read: “Cleaning a Log Cabin”!

We received a new product for cleaning timber from Tuindeco our distributor.  They sent it to Breathe Azores to evaluate and WOW what a product it is.

It is a specialised cleaner for wood/timber and concrete, originally developed for cleaning timber before the application of our Carefree Protect timber Treatment.

I received a video showing the Carefree Ultimate Wood & Concrete Cleaner in action and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  No Way it’s that good, well IT IS!

This product is Fantastic, it is just short or a miracle!

First of all, check out this Video

See, I told you, PRETTY IMPRESSIVE eh?

Well, I had to know more.  I spoke with my friend and colleague Richard from the UK and he had some and actually used it to clean an old untreated log cabin owned by his friend.

First of all, when the box of the miracle cleaner arrived, every bit of old unwanted wood and stained timber was sprayed to see the results.

I found on surface dirt, like in the video, it was very very quick indeed.  It was squirted onto mouldy timber, rotten timber, wood with fungal spores caused by damp or resin and all of them came up clean, much of it came up like new wood.

It was then applied onto mouldy, rotten timber, covered in fungus caused by the damp and,  all came up clean, most of the test pieces came up like new wood.

It is a miracle product for cleaning timber, a magic potion!

This piece of wood has been left untreated since November 2016 it was part of a scientific test that Richard was conducting and somebody sprayed it…  Richard was NOT amused.

Cleaning an old untreated piece of timber.

Okay, back to the part where I told you that one of Richard’s friends has a 17-year-old cabin that has been used as a chicken coop and it needed a bloody good clean.

Here are the images before the cleaning began…

The proof is in the pudding so they say!

Look at the massive effect this product had at cleaning timber, the experiment was a huge success, it really does what it;s meant to do.

Watch this video of the cleaning process in action…

This is truly amazing!

Carefree Ultimate Wood & Concrete Cleaner at Work

Remember, this cabin is 17 years old and has had absolutely zero treatment, it has been exposed to all the elements, wind, sunshine, rain, frost and snow,  so remember that it is never going to look like new.  However,  the Carefree Ultimate Wood & Concrete Cleaner cleaned it, the video shows it and it cleaned it almost instantaneously.

The cleaning process keeps working over a 24-hours period and the label states; for really heavy dirt, to use three applications, each application to be one hour apart. The video only shows one application, however, I think you’ll agree this is bloody impressive even after one application.

On one very exposed corner of the cabin, an area where the howling winds and torrential rains always seen to hit it the hardest, and have done for 17 long years, you will see the ageing and discolouration was the worst.

NOTE: Like all woods and timbers, it never rots if it is allowed to dry naturally, there is zero rot in this log cabin timber after all these years.

Corner Section Before…

Corner Section Before Application…

Corner Section 10 Minutes After Application…

Corner section of old log cabin after 10 minutes

Pretty Impressive Stuff!

Well here is my closing statement.

If you have an old log cabin, garden shed or any type of timber product in need of a good clean, this product is fantastic and you should definitely buy it, it does exactly what it says it will do. 10 out of 10


Why oh why would you ever want to build a log cabin or garden shed, and not treat it. 

Treating your new Log Cabin with a specialised product like Embadecor Transparent Wood Stain or Carefree Paint will prevent this ever happening by forming a protective layer against moisture, sunlight, wind and other weather influences.

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