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Nature’s Head Composting Toilets have become the absolute GO TO solution for Log Cabins and Homes everywhere.

If you want to reduce your ecological footprint or you have no sewer or septic system, or you are in an area with shortage of water, The Nature’s Head composting toilet is the most economical, environmentally friendly, way to process your toilet wastes.

This composting toilet is completely self-contained, and can be used safely in places where traditional toilets using water are impractical and where there is no sewerage or water services. Nature’s Head Composting Toilets were designed for the harshest of conditions and they will give years of trouble free service.

If you want to have the convenience of a modern toilet in your home, but do not want the added costs of plumbing, choose the Nature’s Head.

We suggest our PVC Vent Assembly for Structures as a low cost and reliable alternative to expensive venting systems.

Natures Head Composting Toilet Full Review

What else do you need for Installation in Cabins and Homes?

If you are using 230 volt power, you will need our 12V Wall Transformer.

If you are using 12 volt, batteries and or solar, the toilet comes complete with the necessary parts.

Our PVC Vent Assembly is an easy way to vent through the wall or floor on a raided log cabin.

No Plumbing Required, Waterless

Nature’s Head is a “dry toilet.” This is because it uses no water for flushing. That means no plumbing to attach and no need for external water source to flush.


This toilet is very economical to use and needs no expensive chemicals. All it needs is One Block of our of Coconut Coir or you can use peat moss – That’s all folks!

Super Easy Installation

Super easy to install, the toilet attaches to the floor with two small L-brackets. There’s one ventilation hose to run outside and one 12V power hook-up for a small computer type fan. Or use our wall transformer with 230V (house) power.

From our Customers

Credit where credit is due. Nature’s Head needs to be recognized in this category. When we have questions they are “Johnny on the spot” helping out. Our little circulation fan died and they sent us a replacement and a spare at no charge. We have used our Nature’s Head for our extended cruises for several years. We have been able to use it even when on the hard while living onboard and working on boat projects.

We cannot say how much we appreciate not having to climb down a ladder in the dark or during a storm to hike to the nearest head. We never have holding tank issues or hose and tank odors. We never have a clogged or leaking head. We never have to search for or schedule around a pump-out. We are happy campers! 

R. Good, SV