Buying Advice Metal Storage Sheds

Buying Advice Metal Storage Sheds

We are delighted to sell Tuindeco’s metal storage sheds.

They are incredibly well made and built to last with lots of features not found on those from the Hardware stores like Leroy Merin and local stores on the various islands.

I have a tremendous amount of expertise with these types of metal storage sheds and I have to say these are absolutely the best I have come across including value for money.

Many customers looking for a garden shed or some type of storage shed, often overlook these and we think that is a real pity as they are often much more suitable for certain jobs.

The Benefits of Metal Storage Sheds:

  • No Treatment Needed
  • No Painting Necessary
  • Maintenance Free
  • Rot Proof
  • Rodent Proof
  • Insect Proof
  • Fire Retardant
  • Won’t Crack
  • Won’t Split
  • No Warping

As you can see a pretty nice list of pros for the Metal Shed maybe enough to encourage you to think about them as a viable solution for your needs.

Cost of Metal Storage Sheds

One of the main reasons people buy metal sheds is the low cost and *easy assembly.

NOW BUYERS BEWARE! Not all metal sheds are up to the task for which they are made. Many metal sheds are made using inferior grade metals and plastic joints and brackets.  Some are just pressed from untreated metal and have absolutely zero rigidity. Some are coated with a tiny little bit of powder paint and they are not galvanised and they rust.

Our Metal Sheds are manufactured to the very high standards required by Holland and Germany, thus providing you with more strength, better performance, thicker metal and a longer lasting product.

Our Metal Storage Sheds include the following as standard:

  • Unique and exclusive colour combination
  • Unique Sizes
  • Galvanised Foundation Frame is included
  • Stainless Steel Screws are used on all of out sheds instead of the usual cheap standard of galvanized fittings
  • Our Steel is 25% thicker than most normal standard sheds of the same size
  • Four Layer Paint system
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel.
  • Tested to withstand winds of up to 90km/h
  • Tested for Roof Load of 90kg/m²
  • 10cm higher doors than normal
  • Additional extra folds in the steel for superior strength when compared to similar sheds

Our metal sheds will serve you extremely well. They are incredibly strong, fully tested and compliant with the highest European Standards. They are made to a much higher standard and use higher quality materials than most available on the market today!

Metal Sheds and Security

Security is often a major factor for some when they are purchasing a metal storage shed.  However, you must understand that not all metal storage sheds will be secure simply due to the fact they are fabricated in metal.  If you are looking at buying a metal shed for security then I would advise you look to for a company that specialises in Metal Security Sheds.  You will find a few companies that list Metal Storage Sheds as Security Sheds and, truthfully in my humble opinion they are not. So be very careful.

Companies that do actually sell Security Sheds made from metal have a very good product but, these metal sheds are expensive, understandably so, with the types of materials that they use to manufacture them.

So, if security is your issue, please check out suppliers offering security sheds.

If budget and storage are your requirements then there are many metal storage sheds on the market including ours.

Budget Metal Storage Sheds

So if you are searching for a cheap metal shed, there are literally hundreds to choose from, many will be manufactured in “Ping Yong Diddly Dong” (OK it’s not a real place but you get my drift.) and this is where the fun begins.

Here are some of the features that are standard on practically all low-cost metal storage sheds which all retailers will boast about:

  • Hot dipped Galvanised Steel – Let’s be honest, all metal storage sheds should have this feature.
  • Extended guarantees: 10years, 15 years and 20 years. make sure and READ the small print, this will invariably be an ‘anti-perforation’ warranty.
  • Multiple coats of paint – irrespective of how many coats are applied all will scratch.
  • Entry ramps at the door entrance.

Typically, the majority of metal storage sheds are purchased online or from a suppliers catalogue, and sadly, most information provided by companies is very limited and the reasons for this are many.

Within the metal storage shed industry, they are regarded as a large volume product and big retailers expect to sell big quantities. The variation in prices between several companies, for a 1.8meter  x 1.2meter shed, tends to be relatively close, you may notice a difference of 20 euros to 60 euros depending on the quality. And, there are legitimate reasons why one ‘budget metal shed’ is more expensive or cheaper than another.

So please do not solely base your choice on price, understand there are many differences not apparently obvious those differences I will try to shed a little light on for you.

Panels & Folds

Most budget metal storage sheds intended for storage use a similar thickness of metal sheets.  Our’ however have a thickness of 0.25mm which is thicker than most metal sheds.

Check out what different suppliers state for the thickness.  Mostly this will not be listed, instead stating “High Tensile Steel”. So try and find out what thickness the steel is as this is an important factor in your decision process.

The next thing may not sound important, but it really is. Folds in the metal Panels.

Folds are actually what helps to increase the overall strength and rigidity of the panels:

Panels & Folds Examples

Scroll over image to see more information.

Panels and Folds in Metal Storage Sheds
Made from thin metal. Pay attention to the number of folds in the panels. Fewer folds means poor strength, this will rely on an internal frame, but it is very susceptible to dents and damage.
Panels and Folds in Metal Storage Sheds.
Minimum amount of folds in the panels.
Panels and Folds in Metal Storage Sheds.
An increased number of folds in this metal storage shed improving overall strength and resistance to dents. This is similar to our metal storage sheds although, ours sheds have a larger door and roof height.
Panels and Folds in Metal Storage Sheds.
Metal storage shed folds. This is the roof panel of a new metal storage shed recently installed. You can see the number of larger folds creating the main strength and in between, the smaller folds adding to the overall rigidity.
Metal Storage Shed Supplied by Tuindeco
Notice the Amount of Folds and Creases in each of the Panels and the included Air Vents helping to reduce condensation. Also note the protective plastic on the door panels.

So remember, when you are searching for a metal storage shed inspect the images and ask the supplier about the number folds in the panels.

Metal Storage Shed Fixtures and Fittings

Most metal storage sheds will be built using a mixture of nuts and bolts and self-tapping screws.

Personally, I prefer self-tapping screws as it makes installation a great deal easier and much more secure with less possibility of nuts coming loose.

It’s worth asking your supplier what the screws are made of, most will be galvanised steel which will rust in time as shown in the images below:

Rusted Galvanised Screws
Galvanised screws tend to rust because the galvanised finish is damaged during installation. After a short time being exposed to the elements, you will see rust and this will not be covered under a ‘anti-perforation’ warranty.
Rusted Galvanised Screws
Galvanised screws tend to rust because the galvanised finish is damaged during installation. After a short time being exposed to the elements, you will see rust and this will not be covered under a ‘anti-perforation’ warranty.

If possible, source a metal storage shed that is supplied with Stainless steel screws, nuts and bolts. This makes a huge difference. Ask if they are supplied with washers or you will have to add silicon to each one.

All Tuindeco metal storage sheds are supplied with stainless steel screws, nuts, bolts and plastic washers.

Stainless steel screws and plastic washers ensure a good seal without creating the need to silicon each fitting. All Tuindeco metal storage sheds come standard with stainless steel self tapping screws, nuts and bolts as well as plastic washers to help create a good seal.

Summing it all up

Hopefully, you will have found this article useful.

But do remember to check the following:

  • Height of doorway
  • Height of roof
  • Fittings: Stainless Steel or Galvanised
  • The number of folds in the panels
  • Thickness of sheet metal

* BY THE WAY, Do Not believe the ‘easy installation’ nonsense. It’s not hard it’s just fiddly and frustrating, but totally worth it.

698.87 inc. IVA
695.00 inc. IVA
575.00 inc. IVA
395.00 inc. IVA
386.46 inc. IVA

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