Nature's Head Official Portuguese Tiny Homes Distributor

Nature’s Head Composting Toilets have become the absolute GO TO solution for Boat Owners and Vessels everywhere.

The small size and reliability of the Nature’s Head Composting Toilet and the total simplicity of installation, has earned it the NUMBER 1 CHOICE for boat owners searching for an eco-friendly composting toilet for our marine vessels.  

Designed specifically for the tough marine environment, this unit will stand up to years of trouble-free service.

The Nature’s Head composting toilet is completely self-contained, and can safely be used while cruising as well as in anchorages and in marinas. This is a zero-hassle solution to a long-standing problem for cruisers, racers, and for weekend boat owners.

The eco-friendly design does not require water for flushing therefor, NO plumbing and it is also highly eco-responsible. There is no odor, due to the separation of the liquids and solid wastes. Installation is incredibly simple and straightforward.

USCG Certified!

The Nature’s Head composting toilet meets all “No Discharge” regulations and is a U.S Coast Guard Approved type III marine head.

“BOAT OWNERS – Converting to a Composting Head?

What else do you need for Installation in a vessel?

The Toilet comes with all the 12 volt parts needed.

You can use the Mushroom Vent for cabin side or roof. This vent can also be used over an old pump out fitting hole.

No Thru-Hulls

No need for external water source to flush (yes you can use it when on the hard), and no thru-hull required.

Goodbye to Pump Outs

Finding a pump-out, idle in line waiting for a pump out, pay for a pump-out — you’ll no longer have to deal with these inconveniences.

Less Weight!

Five Litres of water weighs approximately 5 Kilos.  A 60 Liter holding tank adds 60 Kilos of additional weight, just for water used to flush your toilet!

Boat Owners – Need More Space?

Holding tanks use valuable storage space. Get rid of the holding tank and say bye bye to having litres of smelly waste onboard.

From our Customers

I’ve had my Nature’s Head installed on my boat for a couple of years now, and am extremely happy with it. NO smell, even at the outside vent all I can smell is peat moss. The composting action is very good. (separating the urine is the key to proper composting) It is also very gratifying to listen to my neighbors in the marina complain about their holding tanks, pump flush toilets, and one guy who’s fancy vacuum flush valves failed on a week long trip! Nothing to go wrong with the Nature’s Head…I love it!

Peter C.