Tiny House Movement What is a Tiny House?

Tiny House Movement

Imagine this… Living RENT FREE, NO Mortgages and super low to zero utility bills. A Tiny House can help you fulfill these dreams. Imagine living in a tiny house that generates its own electricity and captures its own water. You can build this type of tiny home yourself for a very affordable price. Now, imagine […]

Larch Wood and Douglas Fir Larix occidentalis & Pseudotsuga menziesii

Larch Wood and Douglas Fir

Larch Wood and Douglas Fir are two of my all time favourites! There are so many great woods available and normally people think of Hardwoods and Softwoods which is actually very misleading. Why is it misleading I hear you ask…  Well here is an example; Balsa wood is the softest wood available but it is […]

SHEPHERDS HUT For Ex UK Prime Minister

David Cameron Prime Minister and Shepherds Hut

SHEPHERDS HUT FOR EX UK PRIME MINISTER! David Cameron the ex British Prime Minister has purchased not one but two luxury Shepherds huts. One for his 2 million pound Cornish holiday home and one for his Cotswold family house. Shepherds Huts are now ultra fashionable and popping up all over the UK. Tourists absolutely love […]

Log Cabin Installation Advice for all Log Cabins

Log Cabin Installation Advice for all Log Cabins

Log Cabin Installation Advice This Log Cabin Installation Advice covers ANY building using the Log Construction Method supplied by us including Garages, Saunas, Log Cabins, Summerhouses and Garden Sheds using the same method of interlocking construction. Please read these log cabin installation advice instructions thoroughly and follow along using the pamphlet and plans that are […]

Pergola Installation Advice Main Ring Beam and Posts

Perspective on Pergola Installation

Pergola Installation Advice for Main Ring Beam and Posts Pergolas are often referred to as Gazebos and arbours. Whatever you decide to call them they are a fantastic addition to any garden. Here I try to give some Pergola Installation Advice for the installation of the Posts and Main Ring Beam. I absolutely adore our pergolas. […]

Aiste Cabin Instal Video by Fred and Sue

Aiste Cabin Instal

Aiste Cabin Instal Video by Fred and Sue Congratulations and well done on a fantastic Aiste Cabin Instal and may I say, what a wonderful choice of cabin. Featuring 3/4 double doors and two large windows both of which open, it’s easy to understand why the Aiste Log Cabin is one of our best-selling Cabins. Customers […]