Bespoke Log Cabins And Wooden Houses

Breathe Azores are Delighted To Offer Bespoke Log Cabins and Wooden Houses

Designed and Built to Suit Your Individual Requirements

Living in the Azores is a privilege that many take for granted. The Azores is the last unspoiled paradise in Europe. When we talk with local Architects, Builders, and our prospective customers about Bespoke Log Cabins and Wooden Houses, building an environmentally friendly home, protecting the landscape and sustainable development, we are often asked the same question; “Can you design and manufacture a bespoke log cabin or wooden house?”.

The short and straightforward answer to this question is yes!

Breathe Azores design and produce a high-quality custom-built, Bespoke Log Cabins and Wooden Houses using sustainable slow grown Swedish Spruce allowing you to have your own custom-made home at a very reasonable cost.

Bespoke Log Cabins and Wooden Houses are here to stay, and in the Azores, they are becoming more and more sought after and understandably so.

A few companies have in the past offered a similar service, unfortunately, however, they are no longer in business due to one reason or another. Breathe Azores Lda. are here to stay. Currently based on the island of Santa Maria we can offer all customers living in the Azores this unique bespoke service.

We can make wooden houses and Log Cabins with the following thickness of wall logs:

  • 28mm

  • 40mm

  • 45mm

  • 58mm

  • 70mm

  • 92mm

If you are intending to use your new building as a garden office or occasional accommodation we recommend using 40mm – 58mm logs.

For use all year round or for a permanent residence we recommend logs of 58mm and above as these are best both for thermal capacity and also provide strength in larger houses.

Log thicknesses below 40mm are suitable for leisure use such as a summerhouse or garden storage.

* Walls with lengths of over 4 meters, we recommend using 40mm logs and above for additional strength. Walls measuring over 5.95 meters will always have a joint.  Wall logs of 58mm and above are recommended for their thermal properties and added strength in larger buildings.

Customer Plans and Designs

If you already have an idea of what you would like or have existing plans of a project, please complete the Customer Design and Plans form. You can upload up to 4 sketches, images or plans of your building idea.


  • Log Thickness required.
  • The position of the doors and windows.
  • Style of doors and windows – these can be downloaded from this page.
  • The height of the Eaves.
  • The Height of the Ridge.
  • For a Pent roof – High and Low Height.
  • Floor thickness if required 18mm – 28mm.
  • Final roof material required.

Once we have your design and requirements, our bespoke department based in Holland will prepare a free quote.

If you are comfortable with our quotation, we will draw up the plans and an isometric picture of the proposed building for you. The plans will show each elevation, all dimensions, and each wall.

{We make an initial charge of 275 euros for the plans. However, this is refunded in full when you place an order.}

Customer Design and Plan Forms


Once you are ready to place your order for your new wooden home, we ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit, with the remaining balance of 50% to be paid just before the delivery date.

Should you under any circumstances need to cancel your order, we will make every effort possible to help sell your custom made building assisting you in recovering your initial deposit.

Important information:

  • Windows and Doors cannot be situated closer than 200mm to a wall to ensure optimum rigidity.
  • We do not offer bespoke Hipped roofs or Pyramid roofs.
  • For spans greater than 5.95 meters, internal support posts may be necessary.

All of our Bespoke Log Cabins and Wooden Houses are manufactured to the same standards and qualities as our standard units.

  • No Mixed timbers such as Spruce and Pine mix
  • Spruce Logs
  • No Finger Joints in wall logs
  • Watertight Connection
  • 10-Year anti rot promise
  • High Dutch Standards

Bespoke log cabins and wooden houses are more expensive than our standard buildings, and they are also more costly. They also take longer to make, and you should allow 10 to 14 weeks for delivery.

Inspiration and Design

Breathe Azores have many years experience in construction and architectural design.

If you would like some inspiration or ideas for planning your Bespoke Log Cabins and Wooden Houses, Glamping site or Holiday Resort in the Azores we can also provide a design service.