Barbecues All Year Round | Barbecue Huts for Gardens

Barbecues All Year Round | Barbecue Huts for the Azores

Barbecue Huts for Azores Gardens

Do you love inviting friends around for a barbecue?

We all know, here in the Azores we have quite a bit of rain throughout the seasons. One minute we are sitting out in the sun and next thing the heavens open. If you invest in one of our Barbecue Huts, you can relax around the table and enjoy a great barbecue and drinks with your friends and family no matter what the weatherman says.

So what is a Barbecue Hut

Sometimes referred to as Grillkota (Finnish BBQ Hut), or Barbeque Lodges and Barbecue Cabins; their origins seem to come from the Lapland region in Finland. Barbecue Huts are a pretty common garden feature throughout Scandinavia and are becoming more and more popular throughout the rest of the world.  Understandably so, we all love a barbie.

Most barbecue huts tend to be octagonal or hexagonal in shape and have a charcoal barbecue grill in the middle with a table fitted around the grill itself and around the perimeter, you will find fixed benches.

Having the ability to barbecue at any given time of the year, sharing a meal and time with your friends and family makes these Barbecue Cabins very popular indeed.

Which Barbecue Hut should you buy?

Firstly, all of our Barbecue Huts are built to identical high-standards including:

  • Central Charcoal Grill
  • Round Granite Table
  • Chimney
  • Chimney Cap Set
  • Adjustable smoke extraction hood
  • Fixed Bench Seating
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Floor
  • Roof

There are only two things left for you to decide on before you buy a Barbecue Hut

  1. The Size
  2. The Style


Now let's look at the sizes, we offer four sizes, small, medium, large and super large:

Small – 6m²

Small – 6m² interior space, hexagonal in shape with five fixed benches around the grill. Easily sits Ten people.

Small 6m2 Barbecue Hut

Medium – 9.5m²

Medium – 9.5m² interior space, octagonal in design with seven fixed benches easily seating 14 people.

Medium Barbecue Hut 9.5m2

Large – 12m²

Large – 12m² interior space, enough for a small kitchen and dining area

Large Barbecue Hut 12m2

Super Large – 14.8m²

Super Large – 14.8m² – interior space, plenty room for a dining area and a separate kitchen.

So, How does it all function?

Well, it’s pretty straightforward actually. The charcoal barbecue grill works as just like any other barbecue grill.  We always recommend that you use a good quality charcoal, set it alight and start cooking!

The grill itself has a fixed grill grate in the middle of the table and one adjustable grill grate above, ideal for slow cooking vegetables and keeping the burgers and grilled meat hot.

The Solid Granite Table fitted around the grill offers ample space for a comfortable dining experience as well as for snacking and drinks. The fixed benches around the table are secured to the walls, each bench is perfect for two people to sit comfortably. The small model has five benches and the larger models have seven benches.

The adjustable extraction hood does its job really well allowing all the smoke and smells to escape quickly, it’s advisable to keep it lowered when grilling and raise it up later.

Barbecue huts don’t need electricity, lamps or heating. Burning charcoal does the job of keeping you warm and moreover they create that special atmosphere with natural warmth and a lovely glowing firelight.

Barbecue Hut Installation?

Installation is quick and easy.  It is a one day to a two-day project for two people; there is no need to bring in a carpenter or builder.  These barbecue cabins do not require concrete foundations.

Step 1 – Place the foundation beams on a firm, level cement or stone slab, for example, leaving a ventilation space between the ground and base of the cabin.

Step 2 – Lay the pre-fabricated floor parts on the foundation beams (there are six separate floor elements for the hexagonal hut and eight separate floor elements for the octagonal cabin).

Step 3 – Position and fix the pre-fabricated wall panels to each other with the mounts and screws provided.

Step 4 – Place and fix the prefabricated roof panels (the roof shingles you chose will have been pre-installed on the roof panels by the factory) your barbecue hut is almost complete.

Step 5 – Instal the flashing strips on the roof ridges

Step 6 – Position and fix the wall benches

Step 7 – Attach the wall shelves

Step 8 – Position the central grill unit and install the chimney along with the smoke extraction hood.

Step 9 – Apply your wood stain or paint as soon as you have finished the installation, this will protect your cabin and make sure that you can enjoy your fantastic barbecue parties for years to come!

Step 10 – Light up the BBQ and enjoy your new hut perhaps with a glass of wine or two!

(All fixings included in the assembly kit)

Safety First

We would advise that you fit a Carbon Monoxide and a Smoke Detector inside your new barbecue hut and please remember to test them frequently.

Although the barbecue grills are tested to rigorous safety levels and are surrounded by solid granite, we advise you to fit a fire extinguisher and or fire blanket in your cabin as an additional safety measure.

It goes without saying, barbecues should never be left unattended nor allow children near them unsupervised by a responsible adult!

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